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James “Spudd” Sasak, MBA, M.Ed.

INTRODUCTION:  March 10, 2017

My Team and I can Make America Fit Again.  For almost 35 years we have been proving that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, (like 26.2), and have a great time doing it.  The first step was an ability to laugh at ones’ self, hence our unusual choice of athletic gear, the bathrobe.  For years out on the race courses other runners have sidled up to us and asked, “OK, what’s with the costumes?”  (1st Cleveland CosPlay??)  Our canned reply was that we were simply, “Part of a great Sociological Experiment on the effects of a moderate fitness regime on long term healthiness.” (Funny how it worked out that we were right all along, eh?)  We got fit and most of the Country got fat.  America was and is still headed for an even greater morass of a Health Care Crisis and will eventually clog every artery in the Health Care System unless we make a stand now.

The U.S. needs a PROGRAM that stresses Perspiration and NOT Legislation.  The only way to combat the dark forces of the Lifestyle Related Diseases that have ravaged our Nation is to get off our ever-widening hind quarters and move.  It is the mission of myself and my Team to cajole and create a new 1% in America.  Our goal is to teach a whole new target audience that “Anyone Can Do 26.2.”  Completing a full walking marathon is not really difficult.  Training to complete it is a bit tougher.  (See “How to Train Like a Couch Potato…)

This blog will tell my stories of Green Acres’ life here at a Horse Training and Rescue facility which also happens to double as the HQ for the Couch Potato Running Team.  I will write about my training for a pair of walking marathons this year after a three year layoff due to knee surgery.  It will also no doubt include fun/funny and sometimes inspirational tales from our careers as endurance athletes.  My daily writing style will attempt to emulate that of the late, great Will Rogers.  The punctuation and grammar in his columns was not always pristine, but the messages were blue sky clear.   

My Team and I believe we have discovered the secret of the “Fountain of Youth” and can teach anyone who will listen about the two ways to get there…on foot or by bicycle.  It is a long way but it can be done.  Moderate Fitness Recovery is the answer.  It really does make you feel and look younger.  The human body is THE most remarkable, adaptable and self-healing machine ever imagined.  Let’s give it what it needs.  Good fuel, clean water, fresh air and exercise…and please LESS meds!!